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Vision & Mission


  • Our vision is in developing dynamic community of lifelong learners and leaders by understanding the aspirations, potential and capabilities of students from this locality. The institution visualizes in empowerment of students with knowledge and skills imbibed with strong values and virtue to take challenges in a changing and global society.


  • The institution desires to promote learning by the students and faculty to achieve excellence in education.
  • The institution encourages and participates in efforts directed towards study of current issues relating to improvement in quality of students.
  • The institution intends to build a competitive academic infrastructure to cope with the modern day world.
  • The educational community encourages and assists in improvement, effectiveness and excellence of the institution.
  • The institution believes that no talent in this region should be allowed to go to waste and this college is a platform for sharing of ideas and pooling of knowledge resources.

"Learn, Shine And Live."

History of The College:

The Bijni college is Situated on the Indo-Bhutan border, Bijni, now a sub-division in the district of Chirang of Assam is a historically famous place. It is named after the powerful Koch King, Chandra Narayan alias Bijit Narayan who founded the Bijni Kingdom in 1617. After the dissolution of the Zamindary system, unfortunately the place lost its former importance and glory and got reduced to a poor and backward area.

The place is mostly inhabited by scheduled tribes and scheduled castes and other backward communities, the main occupation of the people being agriculture. So the place is by and large backward both economically and educationally. Before the establishment of Bijni College, there were only a few high schools in around Bijni Town. Most of the people of this area were incapable of sending their wards to institutions located in other towns and cities for higher studies owing to their weak financial condition. Consequently, a large number student of this area after completing high school was deprived of enjoying the benefits of higher education. Some of the leading citizens together with a section of conscious people of the society undertook of the noble venture to establish an institution of higher education in Bijni town for the economically backward sections of the area. As a result of their tireless efforts and indefatigable zeal and great sacrifice, the college came into existence on 21st July, 1969, the historic day on which man first landed on the moon.

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