Profile of Mr. Syed Jawhar Hussain, M.Sc., M. Phil.


  1. Designation: Assistant Professor, Physics

                               I.            Specialization: Non-linear Optics & Spectroscopy

                            II.            Area of interest: Theoretical  Physics

                         III.            Achievements: Nil

                          IV.            Date of entry in the service: 29th September, 1995

                             V.            Orientation/ Refresher course/Work shop/ School attended:  orientation Programme

                          VI.            Research project carried out & guidance: Nil

                       VII.            Past/ongoing corporate responsibilities:  Confidential In-charge  in various University Examinations, District Co-ordinator NCSC Chirang (2014,) Programme Officer NSS,  Convenor Grievance Redressal Cell, Member of SSR preparation Sub-Committee.

                    VIII.            Academic association: Nil

                          IX.            Research papers: Nil

                             X.            Joint research papers: Nil

                          XI.            Articles:  Two articles in Prantik ISSN 0971-5932, one article in  Protibha

                       XII.            Research articles:

                    XIII.            Joint articles: Nil

                    XIV.            Text books:

                       XV.            Seminars/workshops/conferences attended: Seminar: National Seminar-2. (2013, 2015) International Seminar- 1. (2015), Workshop- 3(April, June, September, 2015)

                    XVI.            Services rendered: