Profile of Mr. Sikim Uddin Sheikh, M.A. (HOD)


2. Qualification: - M.A.

3. Date of Joining: - 18-09-1986

4. Designation: - Associate professor and H.O.D.

5. Specialisation: - Medieval Indian History.

6. Area of Interest: - Ancient and Medieval Indian History.

7. Achievement: - College won the inter-college football championship of G.U.       

                                    In 1987 as a assistant team manager.

8. Number of career advancement course completed:-

       (a) Orientation programme from 16th March, 1992 to 12th April, 1992 in G.U.

        (b) Refresher course: - (i) 19th January 1994 to 8th February 1994 G.U. in

                                                   (ii) 2nd September, 1998 to 22nd September, 1998

                                                        G.U. in History.

                                                 (iii) 4.01.1999 to 03.02 1999 in history in Aligarh

                                                       Muslim university.

9. Attendance in conference/ seminar/ workshop:-

          (a) Conference:- National conference

                                    (i)  U.G.C. Sponsored conference at Navajyoti College on 3rd and 4th November, 2005

                                    (ii) On 25th June, 2015 workshop on Indian cork industry and Assamese puppet dance, Bijni College.

            (B) Workshop: - Participated in the workshop organized by centre of advance study in History, A.M.U. from 7th to 21st October, 1995.

        10. Participated in the U.G.C. sponsored organized by Bijni College.

                  (i) From 27th to 28th September, 2007 on “post modernism in the Indian context”.

                  (ii) From 28th to 29th June, 2013 on “life and music of Gama-Silpi Bhuben Hazarika”.

                   (iii) From 26th to 27th June, 2015 on “life and works of Laximinath Bezburuah”.

11. International conference: - participated and paper printed at Goalpara college on Brahmaputra Civilization from 28th to 30th January, 2005.           

12. Publications: - 5 articles

13. Other activities: -   (i) arrange in the departmental seminars (3 times).

                                        (ii) Participated in the general election, involved in innovative activities, also participated in all extensive works in the college.

14.  Extracurricular Activities: - (i) Two times member in the G.B.

                                                            (ii) Secretary, “Asom Buranji Sabha” Bongaigaon District committee.