Profile of Mr. Manab Pratim Das, M.A




1. Name of the faculty:- MANAB PRATIM DAS
2. Qualification:- M.A., SET
3. Designation:- Assistant Professor
4. Specialization: - Linguistics
5. Areas of interest:- Indian English Literature
6. Achievements :- Nil
7. Date of entry in the service:- 03/08/2016
8. Research projects carried out & Guidance:- Nil

9. Number of Carrier Advance Courses completed-

a. Orientation Programme:-

Participated in UGC- Sponsored Orientation Programme ( OP-118) at HRDC- Gauhati University from

15th December, 2018 to 11th January, 2019 and obtained Grade A.
b. Refresher Course:- Nil

10. Research Projects carried out & guidance:- Nil

11. Articles:-
Year Name of Book/Journal Page No. Name of Article

2013-2014 ANURANAN
Mouthpiece of Anundoram Borooah Academy
173 What is feminism? Indira Goswami and the Gendered Minorities

2014-2015 ANURANAN
Mouthpiece of Anundoram Borooah Academy
138 Journey of English – Language writers from North East India

2015-2016 ANURANAN
Mouthpiece of Anundoram Borooah Academy
Indian English Literature

12. Text Books:- Nil

13. Name of Publication:-
1. Research Paper:-
1 Quality Concern in Teachers Education programme, Challenges and Opportunities: Curriculum Transaction 2013 Patacharkuchi ISBN-978-81-927429-6-0
2 Exploring the Subaltern Voices in the Writings of Women Writers from North-East India 2014 Kokrajhar ISBN-978-93-83842-94-0
3 Language and Society 2014 Bongaigoan ISSN-2249-5053
4 Rama Mehta’s “inside the Haveli”: A Synthesis of Tradition and Modernity 2015 Kokrajhar ISSN-2321-0583
5 Monica Ali’s “Brick Lane”: A feminist Perspective. 2015 Bhopal ISSN-2348-537X
6 Henrick Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” : The Issue of Gender Parity and the Emergence of New Women: 2016
Bijni ISSN-2349-5286

7 The significance of Vocationalisation of Education and Skill : A study of North-East Indian States with Special Focus on the Role of Higher Education Intuitions 2016


ISBN 978-93-80382-63-0
8 Lexicography and the Linguistic Concepts of Homonymy and Polysemy 2017 Bijni ISSN-2349-5286
9 Draupadi is an Early Voice of Feminism and a Dialogic Space of Interaction: A Study Based on the Theory of Russian Poststructuralist Mikhail Bakhtin 2018 Kokrajhar ISSN: 2321-0583
UGC Approved Journal No. 62645
10 A Study of Health Education with Special Reference to school Health programme 2019 Guwahati ISBN 978-93-88593-16-8

14. Seminar / Workshops / Conferences attended:-

a. Seminar:-

1 Quality Concerns in Teacher Education Programme: Challenges and Opportunities: Curriculum Transaction Bajali Teachers’ Training College, Patacharkuchi
in collaboration with
College Development Council, G.U and Department of Education, G.U.
Patacharkuchi 22nd and 23rd March, 2013

2 Women as Scapegoat : Gendered minorities in Indira Goswami’s “The Moth – eaten howdah of the Tuskar” UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR
20th& 21st June,2013

3 A Dialogical Analysis of Rama Mehta’s “Inside the Haveli” : Polyphony and Heteroglossia UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR
Nalbari 11th& 12th September, 2015

4 The significance of Vocationalisation of Education and Skill : A study of North-East Indian States with Special Focus on the Role of Higher Education Intuitions UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR

Bijni College

29th& 30th September,2016
5 Reassessing Feminine Identity in Assamese Novels: An Analysis of Anuradha Sarma Pujari’s “Shaheb Purar Barasun”( The Rain of Shahebpura) UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR Kokrajhar Govt. College 7th and 8th March, 2018

b. Workshop:-
1. Participated in National Workshop on Assembly & Hands-on Training on Foldscope organized on 14th , September, 2018 in Bijni College.
2. Participated in National Level Workshop and Hands-on Training on Foldscope and Application of Biostatistics organized on 30th , January, 2019 in Bijni college.
c. Conference:- Nil
15. Services Rendered:-
Polling officer in BCSU- 2016-17,
Member of Publicity Committee of UGC Sponsored National Seminar of Bijni College dated – 29th& 30th September 2016,
Assistant Officer-in-Charge for the conduct of H.S. First Year Examination, 2017
Food In-Charge for BCSU Election 2017-18,
Assistant Officer-in-Charge for H. First Year Examination, 2018,
Examiner for theory Paper(s) for 6th semester zone at Bijni College under G.U.,
Flag Hoisting In-Charge of Bijni College Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee,2018,
External Evaluator, Gunotsav, Phase-II, Kokrajhar District, 2017,
External Evaluator, Gunotsav, Phase-II, Chirang District, 2018,
Polling Officer & Counting Officer in BCSU Election, 2018-19,
Assistant Zonal Officer for 6th Semester Zone under G.U., 2018,