Profile of Ms. Kankana Sarania. (M.A.)


  1. Designation:                                                  Assistant Professor in Education


  1. Specialization :-                              Developmental psychology, Guidance &



  1. Areas of Interest:                              Developmental psychology, Guidance &



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  2. Date of Entry in the service:-                               
  3. Orientation/ Refresher Course/ workshop/ School attended:
  4. Research project carried out & Guidence:-
  5. Ongoing Corporate responsibility: 
    1.  Exam duty-

                                                              i.                        Invigilation

                                                            ii.                        Evaluation

  1. Admission, Form fill up, Registration  duty
  2. Election duty  (BCSU)



  1. Academic Association:   (i) Invigilator, D.El.Ed. programme under KKHSOU              

Study centre Bijni College, Bijni

                                                        (ii) Guest lecturer, IDOL Study Centre, Bijni College.

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  1. Bijni College


  1. Bijni College            


 26th &27th June 2015




25th June 2015



  1. Service Rendered: