Profile of Ms. Priyanka Basumatary. (M.A.)


  1. Designation:                                                           Assistant Professor in Bodo
  2. Specialization :-                                                        Literature
  3. Areas of Interest:                                                  Literature, language& Culture
  4. Achievements: -                                                               
  5. Date of Entry in the service:-                                01-09-2015
  6. Number of career advance course taken:-          NIL      


  1. Research project carried out:-                             NIL
  2. Ongoing Corporate responsibility: 


  1. Election duty  (BCSU)                                                                                                                      

                    b.  Member, Alumni Association, 1015-16, Bijni

                    c. Invigilator in Degree and HS examination

 10.(a) Paper presentation:                                                                            



Name of Paper Presented

7th March/2016

(Bijni College)

Decline of Traditional Marriage System of the Bodos and its Causes