Profile of Mrs. Asha Rani Brahma. M.A. B.Ed.


 Designation:                       Assistant Professor. (Contractual)

  1. Specialization.                   Boro.
  2. Area of interest:               Linguistics.
  3. Achievements:                 1st Position Volley Ball match at GU. Varsity week 2008.

3rd Position Javelin throws at Annual College week 2010, B. Ed. College, Kokrajhar.

  1. Date of entry in the service.        10.08.2010.
  2. Workshop/School attended:     
  3. Zonal workshop 2010-2011 on “Academic Performance Indicator and its Parameters” organized by Assam college teachers association.
  4. National Level workshop on “Research Methodology” organized by IQAC Bijni College.
  5. Workshop cum Awareness program on “Sensitization on Biodiversity & Climate Change” Organized by Bijni College and supported by Assam Science Technology & Environmental Council.
  6. National Level workshop on “Indian Cork industry & Assamese Puppet Dance” organized by Bijni College, Department of Assamese.
  7. Research projects carried out:   Ph.D. Scholar at Bodoland University.
  8. Past/Ongoing corporate responsibilities: invigilator duty, G.B. election duty, M.A. entrance duty and students union body election.
  9. Academic association:
  10. Research Paper:               Similarities in numeral classifier of the Boro and Kokborok languages.
  11. Joint research paper:     “Women empowerment and domestic violence”.
  12. Articles:               
    1. March 2015. Fwrwnglai, Vol-11, Page No. 149-154 “Analytic study of Kamal kumar Brahma`s historical drama Raja Iragdao.”
    2. December 2013, Pratibha, Vol-III, Page No. 31-33 “A comparative study of numeral used in Boro and Kokborok languages.”
    3. June 2013, Pragnya, Vol-I, Page No. 261-266 “Similarities of Pronoun in Boro and Kokborok languages”
    4. September 2015, Fwrwnglai, vol-12, page No. 132-141 “Traditional Food of the Bodo’s”.
    5. June 2015, Language & Language, Vol-1, page No.130-136 “Numeral classifiers in Boro and KokBorok language”.
  13. Research Articles: (i). June 2015, Language & Language, Vol-1, Page No. 130-136 “Numeral classifiers in Boro and Kokborok language”.

(ii) December 2013, Pratibha, Vol- iii, page no 31-33 “A comparative study of numeral used in Boro and Kokborok language”.

  1. Joint article: No.
  2. Text Books.

    1. Rao arw Thunlai.
    2. Bijirnai nwjwrao Boro thunlai.
    3. Bijirnai nwjwrao Boro konthai.
    4. Boro Raoni Bisan.
  3. Seminars.

    1. 7th State level seminar on “Bodo folk literature”.
    2. UGC sponsored national seminar on” Life and Music of Ganasilpi Bhupen Hazarika”.
    3. UGC sponsored National seminar on” Life and works of Lakshminath Bezbaroa”.
    4. National seminar on Bodo culture “Change and continuity”
    5. National seminar on “Quest for survival of Language of the Ethnic Communities of North-East India: In the Face of Globalization”.
    6. ICSSR Sponsored International Seminar on “Women Empowerment: Issues and Challenges”.