Profile of Ms. Bibha Talukdar, M.A.(HOD)

Bibha Talukdar


1.  Designation                  :           Assistant Professor


2.  Department      :           Philosophy

 3.  Specialization         :         Logic

 4.  Area of interest      :    Logic

 5. Date of joining       :      10-09-2003

 6. Experience         :           9 years running

 7. Qualification      :           M.A., SLET

 8. Number of career advance course taken: 

Sl. No.




Name of the Univerity under which caurse is taken



10th June to 8th July, 2013


G. U.



8th Dec. to 28th Dec. 2014

Philosophy of Value(Philosophy)

G. U.


10.  Articles: 

Name of the             book


Article’s Name

Page Number

  1. Pratibha


Self-dependent of Women


  1. Pragya





Teachers as architects of Nation Building





  1. Life & Music of Ganasilpi Bhupen Hazarika


ISBN: 978-93-80382-90-6


Social values of Bhupan Hazarika’s Song





  1. Pratibha


The relation among Education, Teachers, Educational Institutions and Guardians.                 


  1. Madhab Bandhab

A multilingual commemorative


A Short expression of Madhab’s philosolhical Thinking





  1. Pratibha



Humanism and Humanity of Rabindranath.


  1. Indian Cork Industry and Assamese Puppet Dance


The influence of Local      in Mahapurusa sankardeva’s Ankia Drama




  1. Smritigrantha :Sara Sewalir Subash


Value of Philosophy


  1. Economic View



Gandhiji’s Economic Ideas and Its Relivance in Present Time



  1. Smaranika:

Ex. Student Celebration

Problem of Collegiate Education.



 10.Attendance in Seminars/Workshops/Conferences : 

Name of the Institution

Seminar’s Date

Workshop’s Date

Conference’s Date

  1. Bijni College


State level-15th November, 2003


  1. Bijni College


State level-9th September, 2005



  1. Bijni College


Industrial Exposure Programme-21st January, 2006



  1. Bijni College

National level-27th&28th September,2007



  1. Ratnapith College

1st,2nd &3rd October,2010



  1. Bijni College



5th January,2011



  1. Bijni College


Zonal-3rd June,2011



  1. Bijni College

National level-28th &29th June, 2013



  1. Gauhati University


National level- 14th &15th  February,2014


  1. Gossaigaon College

International level- 4th,5th &6th February, 2015



  1. Bijni College


National level-  25th  June,2015


  1. Bijni College

National level-  26th & 27th   June,2015



  1. P.B. College



International level-10th,11th& 12th Feb.



 11. Other Activities: 

  1. Participated in Bijna College Workshop on 29.12.20
  2. Participated in Udyogjyoti Scheme from Bijni College as teacher’s in-charge for students at Guwahati in 18th to 21st January, 2006
  3. Participated in Zonal  Women cell convention in Pramathesh Baruah College, Gauripur on 1st February,2011.
  4. Invigilator duties of Sessional, Test & H.S Final & B.A. Semester Examination.
  5. Examiner of H.S. Final &T.D.C. Final Examination from 2005 to 2010.
  6. Scrutinizer of H.S. Examination in Abhayapuri Zone.
  7. Preparation and issue of Admit Card of 1st year H.S.,13.3.12.
  8. Member of 2nd Sem. 2nd Sessional Examination 16.4 12.
  9. Member of Admission committee 23June, 2012.
  10. Co-ordinator of 1st &3rd Semester Sessional Examination on 12.9
  11. Teacher-in-charge of Educational Study Tour on 10.10.2012.
  12. Assistant Officer-in-charge for B.A. 1st Semester Examination, 29.11.2012.
  13. Assistant Co-Ordinator of IDOL in Bijni College Centre from 2012 till today.
  14. Workshop under KKHSOU Study centre, Bijni College for D. EL. Ed programme on the topic ‘Value Education’ on 25.12.2012.
  15. Invigilator duties of TET Examination, 15.12.2012.
  16. Examiner and Scrutinizer of H.S. Final Examination, 15.03.2013.
  17. Examiner of B.A. 2nd sem. from 23.5.13.
  18. Examiner and Scrutinizer of   1st &2nd Semester Examination, 2013.
  19. Head Examiner of 1st Semester Examination, 2013.
  20. Assistant Officer-in-Charge for B.A.4th Semester Examination, 2014.
  21. Examiner of B. A. 6th Semester Examination, 2014.
  22. Assistant Account-in-Charge for H.S. 1st & Final Examination for the period 16th February, 2015 to 31st March, 2015.
  23. Expert for Interview in Bibekananda Junior College on 7th may, 2015.
  24. Project Supervisor of field-study in 4th Semester Environmental Studies, 2015.
  25. Member of Interview for FIP Lien Vacant post of Philosophy on 29.05.2015.
  26. Member of Extension Activity Cell.
  27. Invigilator duty of Water Resource Development Examination on 28th June, 2015.
  28. Examiner of Water Resource Development which was held in 28th June, 2015.
  29. Polling Officer & Counting Officer in Bijni College Student Union Election in every year.
  30. Assistant Zonal Officer of 2nd Semester Examination, 2015.
  31. Examiner and Scrutinizer of 2nd Semester Examination, 2015.
  32. Member of Editorial Board of Pratibha.
  33. Assistant Zonal Officer of 3rd Semester Examination, 1.12.2015.
  34. Examiner and Scrutinizer of 3rd Semester Examination, 2015.
  35. Examiner of 5th  Semester Examination, 29.12.2015.
  36. Assistant Zonal Officer of 4th Semester Examination, 2016.
  37. Examiner and Scrutinizer of 4th   Semester Examination, 2016.