Profile of Mr. Iswar Ch. Deka, M.A., M. Phil. (HOD)


Mr.Iswar Chandra Deka


Permanent Address:

Santipur, Ward No 7

Nalbari Town,Assam



Date of joining:                                                 22-07-1985

Date of approval:                                             01-01-1986

Date of senior scale:                                         01-01-1993

Date of selection grade scale:                           01-01-1998

Date of confirmation: 09.6.89(2/50/pf/90/383, dt 8.6.90)

Present Designation: Associate Professor cum HOD .


Specialisation:     Language group.


Area of interest:   Language study and ancient literature.


Achievement:       Obtained M.Phil degree.

Courses done:


R.C: 15March to4th April 1985(G.U)


29th Jan to18th Feb ,1999(G.U.)


2nd Nov. to 22nd Nov,2001,(D.U)


16th to 6th July,2003.(G.U)


STTC: 19th Sept. to21st sept.2011.(G.U)


Research Projects carried out & Guidance:   Nil

Past/ Ongoing corporate responsibilities:

a.G. B. Member for 2012-13 session.

b. Confidential Incharge of final examination for 2012

c. Convenor of Sessional examination for 2012.

d.Secretary,Bijni College Teacher’s Unit,2010-11 session

e.President,Bijni College Teacher’s Unit,2013-14 session

f. Convenor of Publication Cell, Bijni College in 2011.

g..Member of Leave committee, Bijni college, Bini.

h. Member of Construction Committee, Bijni College.

i. Convenor of Curriculum Aspect for S.S.R. Preparation Committee,    Bijni College.

j. President, Bijni College Teacher’s Co-Operative Society.


Academic Association:

  1. Life Member of Axom Xahitya Xabha (Centrel Body)
  2. Life Member of Nalbari Xahitya Xamaj,Nalbari.
  3. Member of Research and Publication Committee (ACTA- Zone 2, 2014-15)


Research Papers: Nil


Joint Research Papers: Nil


Research Articles: Nil


Joint Articles : Nil


Text Books : Nil


Service Rendered: 30 Years.



SEMINER/WORKSHOP (Attended/Presented):


Seminar (Academic): Topic: ‘Vocationalisation of Higher Education” on 29th oct.2004 on the occasion of 52nd Annual conference A.C.T.A at K.R.B.auditorium,Guwahati.(Attended)


Seminer (State Level): Topic: “Good Teaching in Higher Education and its impact on the students performance” on 9th &10th Nov.2004 at Kamrup College,Chamata(Attended).


Seminer (National): Topic: “Flood VIS-À-VIS the backward state status of     Assam” at Barbhag College,Nalbari on 27-28 Dec.2004(Attended).


Seminer (Academic): Topic:”Barbhagar Upabhasa:Eti Adhyan” on 27th Feb,2005 at Nalbari Sahitya Samaj(Paper presented).


Seminer (National): Topic: “Indian Literature Culture And National Integration” on 2-3 July,2005. At Gauhati University (Attended).


Seminer(National): Topic: “Post Modernism in the Indian context” on 27-28 Sept.2007 at Bijni College(Attended).


Seminer (National): Topic: “Role of women in Assmese Folk Culture” on 29-30 Aug.2008 at Barpeta Girls College, Barpeta(Attended).


Seminer (National): Topic: “(Post Colonialism in Indian Perspectives” on 7-8 Nov.2009 at West Goalpara College Goalpara(Attended).


Seminer (National): Topic: “Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua and Padmanath Gohaiboruar sahityic abadanar tulanamulak adhayan’ on 20-21 Nov.2010 at Bongaigaon College(Attended).


Workshop(Academic): Topic: “Methodology for Development of curriculam & Lecture plan”on 11 oct.2010 at Birjhora Mahabidyalaya,Bangaigaon(Attended).


Workshop(Academic) Topic:”Academic Performance Indicator and its Parametres”on 3 June 2011 at Bijni College(Attended).


Workshop(academic) Topic:”Examination ReformsVis-A-Vis Semester System of Education at UG Level”on 28 May 2011 at Bajali College, WorkshopPathsala(Attended).


Workshop(National) Topic: “Research Methodology” on 5 January 2011 at Bijni College(Attended).


Workshop (National) Topic: “Research Methodology in Contemporary Geographic Research.”on 13—19 Feb,2012 at Nalbari College(Attended) .


Seminer(National) Topic: “Life and Music of Bhupen Hazarika.”paper presented on The Autobiography of Dr. Bhupen a Hazarika :Moi Eti jajabor (I am a vagabond):A birds eye view. On 28—29 June 2013 at Bijni College.


Seminer(National) Topic:”The life and works of Lakshminath Bezbaroa”. Paper presented on “Lakshminath Bezbaroar atmanistha prabandha” eti bislesanatmak adhayan”on 26-27 June,2015at Bijni College.    


Workshop(National) Topic:”Indian Kork Industry and Assamese Puppet Dance” on 25th June,2015 at Bijni College(Attended).



  “Reverend Miles Bronson: Ajir Prasangikata”(Article) G.U. Annual Magazine,1981-82 session,Vol:35   Page No .98


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“Pragnya”: A collection of essays, Published by Publication Cell, Bijni College, 2013 with ISBN 978-81-922997-3-0.


Co-Ordinator: National Level Workshop on “Indian Kork Industry and Assamese Puppet Dance”heid on 25th June,2015 in Bijni College.